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Abortion: Will President Joe Biden pass an abortion rights law?

On Tuesday President Joe Biden made a promise to try to pass an abortion right law for American citizens.

The administration looks to try and push a law ahead of the midterm elections set to take place next month.

Biden stated that if Democrats elected more senators to keep control of the House, he would prioritize abortion.

He added that Congress should codify Roe “once and for all” according to CNN.

Will Biden actually follow through with the promise to pass an abortion rights law?

Biden made it clear more Democrats needed to be elected for a bill to pass. He stated the first bill he would send to Congress would be a bill to codify Roe V Wade. He shared that once it passes, he would sign the law in January.

Codifying Roe V Wade is something Biden had talked about during his 2020 campaign.

He has been unable to carry out the promise because there aren’t enough Democrats in control to make it happen.

While there is only so much that can be done now, Biden did sign an executive order. This order would defend Americans crossing state borders to get an abortion as well as a medical abortion. He also reminded universities that they cannot discriminate based on pregnancy status.

Women are more likely to go vote after what’s happened with the abortion laws this year HEADER

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 50% of registered voters are more likely to go vote now compared to before. This is 7 percentage points higher than in January.

For women, 3 out of every 5 women between 18 and 49 are more likely to go vote because of the overturning of Roe V Wade.

Unfortunately, 90% of voters see the economy as a reason to go vote, and 72% see abortion as a reason.

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