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Herschel Walker is against abortion, but the woman who’s abortion he paid for has revealed her identity

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker was accused of paying for a woman’s abortion back in 2009, despite being against abortion and wanting to ban them.

The woman originally came forward anonymously, but has since revealed her identity. It turns out she already had one of his children.

With the election coming up in about a month, Walker is dealing with being called a hypocrite as he favors a state ban on abortion procedures.

The Daily Beast shared on Monday that Walker had paid for his girlfriend’s 2009 abortion and she showed proof with reciepts, checks, and a get well card.

Walker said it was a lie and that he plans to sue.

Herschel Walker’s ex who claims he paid for her abortion

After remaining anonymous, the woman revealed her identity. It turns out she is actually the mother of one of his children. She wanted to remain anonymous over concerns for safety when first coming forward.

After seeing her news unfold this week, she chose she would not remain anonymous any longwe.

She stated that she has been civil and keeps to herself regarding Walker, but that she wasn’t going to allow him to run her over time and time again. She added that she was disappointed but not surprised.

Walker’s family is upset over the drama that has unfolded as well

Christian Walker is Herschel’s 23-year-old son who has a large social media following and identifies as conservative. He expressed anger over his father’s denial of the abortion.

He added that Herschel was never a family man. Christian Walker said he left his family for women, and forced them to move multiple times to avoid his violence.

Herschel Walker, former football star and current Senate candidate, paid for his girlfriend’s abortion