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Herschel Walker, former football star and current Senate candidate, paid for his girlfriend’s abortion

Herschel Walker was once a major football player and now is running for a Senate seat in Georgia. He also paid for his girlfriend’s abort despoite wanting an abortion ban in place.

Walker, according to the Daily Beast, wants to entirely ban abortions in Georgia leaving no room for exceptions. This includes rape, incest or for saving the life of the mother.

While he says this, an anonymous woman has come forward sharing her experience of having an abortion with Walker.

Did Herschel Walker pay for his girlfriend to have an abortion?

An anonymous woman spoke with the Daily Beast and shared that her and Walker fell pregnant while dating in 2009. She said he asked her to get an abortion and after she did, he paid for it.

In addition to her claim, she showed a receipt for the abortion that cost $575 from the clinic, a get well card from Walker, and a signed persobal check worth $700 from him.

The reason the check was $700 and not $575 was because she guessed the cost and added travel and recovery into the equation. The Daily Beast spoke with the woman’s friend to verify the details of her claim.

Walker wasn’t married and both the woman and Walker agreed it wasn’t the right time. What the woman was unaware of was that he had just had another child earlier that year.

The woman said she has decided to come forward because of Walker’s stance on abortion after he had asked her to get one. She called it “hypocrisy” and said “we all deserve better.”

Walker’s campaign lawyer, Robert Ingram stated that the story was false and was working to target Black conservatives. Ingram also asked the Daily Beast to share the identity of the woman, but they refused. Walker called the story a lie once it was published and stated he planned to sue the Daily Beast.

Walker’s son then took to Twitter, defending the Daily Beast and going against his father. He stated that everyone in the family asked him not to run for office because they knew pieces of his past.

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