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What is happening with the Italian government and human rights?

A new government is being led in Italy by Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy party now that general elections have commenced. But will everyone in Italy have basic human rights?

Meloni’s campaign said it would “govern for everyone,” according to the Human Rights Watch. While in theory that sounds great, there are some concerns. Many have expressed worry that not everyone living under the Italian government will maintain equal and basic human rights.

Why is there concern over basic human rights under the new Italian government?

Meloni has suggested that there are immigrants in Italy that do not “integrate better” according to the Human Rights Watch. This has not only immigrants worried but others belonging to different religions. This includes Muslims.

Meloni’s government has been labeled as right wing. She’s called groups that rescue people from the Mediterranean Sea traffickers and suggested a naval blockade. The blockade would illegal push away boats saving refugees.

These refugees are trying to escape persecution, their rights being violated, and hardships. The U.N. has seen migrants returned to Libya where they face abuse and human rights violations.

Under this new government, Meloni wants to remove people seeking safety that have already made it to Italy. People from places outside of the European Union would be at risk of removal.

Meloni has shared that she is anti-choice and wants to prevent legal abortions as well as increase the birth rate in Italy. Her party has gone against legal abortion access in the Abruzzo and Marche regions since 2020, worrying women’s rights groups.

She has voiced open opposition to same-sex marriage and gay couples adopting children. She wants to ban sex education and not allow LGBTQ characters in cartoons.

Human Rights Watch reports that Meloni’s party choosing to implement these practices while governing Italy goes against the slogan of governing for everyone.

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