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Dylan Roof, mass shooter, has death sentence appeal denied

Dylan Roof had his death sentence appeal denied after being sentenced for shooting and killing 9 people at a Black church in South Carolina.

The shooting happened back in 2015 in Charleston.

Roof tried to appeal with the Supreme Court using the handling of disputes regarding his mental health as the reason.

Originally Roof wanted any information surrounding his mental health to be left out of the trial and also fired his lawyer during his sentencing.

Details surrounding mass shooter Dylan Roof

According to Fox News, Roof is the first person to face the death penalty for a federal hate crime in the United States. 

Roof shot into a group attending church during the closing prayer of a Bible study. He was 21 years old when he committed the mass murder.

The murders were racially motivated, and the federal court of appeals upheld his sentence last year.

When filing this appeal, his lawyers tried to say it was wrong that he was allowed to represent himself when being sentenced. He was able to keep evidence surrounding his mental health out of the trial.

According to his lawyers, he seemed to believe that if he kept his mental health evidence out of it, he would be saved from prison by White nationalists.

Roof is now 28 years old and currently is held in Terre Haute, Indiana. He is now sitting on federal death row awaiting his execution.

Racially prejudiced jurors sentenced man to death- Supreme Court will not challenge the sentence

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