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Women in the Workplace: Ways to make it so women want to work there

It’s no secret women have had it harder than men in the workplace, and a recent survey showed many women are open to leaving their current job.

A survey recently taken showed that 54% of respondents were open to taking a new job somewhere else. 4,200 working women were interviewed. One out of every ten women said they want to leave their position but feel that isn’t an option.

The survey, according to Fortune, showed that workplaces aren’t meeting various needs of women. This includes fair pay, fair promotions, and healthy emotional cultures.

When it comes to women liking their positions and planning to stay in their jobs, it’s because there are no gender gaps at their place of employment.

Places that have seen success with meeting the needs of women create healthy environments for them. It’s possible for every place of employment to do this.

Ways companies can build a healthy workplace for women and help them want to stay

Fair pay and promotions is the first place to start when it comes to creating a better environment for women. 45% of women report fair pay compared to 56% of men. 45% of women report fair promotions.

Compared to another survey that looked at 125 of the best places for women to work, 81% of women say they’re paid fairly. 83% say they see fair promotions. If a woman is paid fairly, she is 40% more likely to remain at the place of employment.

Another change to make to get women to want to stay is to create a healthy psychological workplace. Only 49% of women report that their workplace is good for their mental health. 54% of men say the same thing.

If women are in a place where they feel it’s psychologically healthy, they’re 50% more likely to stay there. They’re also more likely to recruit other workers.

Giving meaningful work is another way for women to want to stay employed somewhere. If women feel they’re working for a purpose, they are three times more likely to keep their job.

Finally, simply supporting all women wherever they work will help them want to stay. This means in the office, remotely, or if they’re working a hybrid position.

When it comes to working remotely, women feel they have the best experience. However, they don’t always feel like they make a difference. On site women workers feel that they make a difference at a higher rate.

As long as equal support is given, women will be more likely to stay employed.

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