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Abortion: Texas woman denied abortion until sick may not be able to have kids now

A Texas woman who is trying to have a baby may not be able to after being denied an abortion until it was too late.

One woman has been trying to become pregnant with her husband for over a year now. Amanda and Josh Zurawski, of Austin, Texas, finally fell pregnant.

Once the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the ban had a direct impact on their ability to conceive.

Complications requiring an abortion were ignored by law in Texas, until it was too late

According to My Twin Tiers, Amanda fell pregnant but experienced complications that made it clear she was going to miscarry.

The complications also put her own life at risk. Unfortunately under Texas state law, this did not matter.

All abortions are banned in the state, and it forced Amanda and her family to wait until she either miscarried or was so sick doctors believed she could die.

Amanda explained that she was already incredibly upset over losing her daughter. On top of that she had to wait an unknown amount of time for it to end. She described the situation as cruel.

One OBGYN who spoke with Nexstar said that Amanda wasn’t her patient, but this situation is becoming more common.

Amanda’s reason for miscarriage was that the sack of water ruptured when the fetus was pre-viable.

This happens often.

Days later, Amanda fell ill with an infection called sepsis. She was so sick doctors felt she could die and were able to step in.

They did this by giving her the abortion deemed medically necessary to save her life.

Governor Abbott gives little to no answers on the issue

Governor Greg Abbott was questioned by WFAA out of Dallas, and he stated that extopic pregnancies and some cases or miscarriage make abortion legal in the state.

He added that the goal was to protect both the lives of the mother and the baby. He also said too many allegations are being made about ways that the life of the mother isn’t being protected.

Abbott said that the law needs to be corrected to make it clear it’s about both the mother and the baby and blamed the Texas state legislature.

Nextar asked Abbott why he hasn’t called a special session and he has not answered.

Amanda is not sure if the infection will make it impossible for her and her husband Josh to be able to have kids in the future.

She explained that the law may have robbed her of her ability to have children, something that was entirely avoidable.

Abortion rights may be determining factor with voters in batleground states