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Gender and Family Issues Highlight 2024 Election Differences

Gender and family issues are shaping the 2024 presidential election, with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump holding sharply different views.

Abortion and Reproductive Rights: Biden supports federal protections for abortion, while Trump opposes them. Biden’s stance is reflected in the Women’s Health Protection Act, which aims to safeguard abortion rights nationwide. Trump, who helped overturn Roe v. Wade, now says abortion laws should be state decisions, although he previously supported nationwide restrictions.

Family Priorities: Voters also differ on whether society should prioritize marriage and children. About 59% of Trump supporters believe society is better off when people focus on family, compared to just 19% of Biden supporters. Both groups agree on the importance of birth control and in vitro fertilization (IVF) access, with majorities seeing these as beneficial for society.

Women’s Progress: Opinions on women’s progress in society also vary. About 73% of Biden supporters believe women still face significant obstacles, while 70% of Trump supporters think these obstacles are largely gone. Despite these differences, both groups agree that women’s gains have not come at the expense of men.